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Point-of-sale Software

Rob has developed POS software designed to drastically simplify a winery's monthly reporting. It takes longer to write the cheques, than to generate the J10s, Ontario wine tax, and Excise reports. The next time you have an LCBO audit, ask the auditor what they think of the software. It's been running in Ontario wineries & cideries since 2007.

The software tracks all winery sales, bottle inventory and bulk inventory.


Windows PC (XP, Vista, 7, 8, or 10)
MAC OS X (10.6+)
iPad sales app (in iTunes)

System Requirements

Microsoft Excel
Adobe Reader (Windows platforms)

Supported Add-ons

Cash drawer
POS printer
Barcode reader
Magnetic strip reader


Single terminal (1000$)1
Multiple terminals (2000$)2
Multiple terminals plus (2500$)3
iPad sales app (249.99$)(2+3)

After the first year the subscription fee for software updates is dependant on the version of software that is being run.

Single terminal (100$/year)
Multiple terminals (200$/year)
Multiple terminals plus (250$/year)
Extend your subscription (250$/year) for 4 hours of tech/IT support.

Tech/IT support is charged out at 50$/half-hour.

There isn't a penalty for starting with the simpliest solution first. As you grow your sales channels, you can upgrade your version to fit your needs (for the difference between the package pricing). The iPad sales app works in conjunction with the multi-terminal installations.

Why is the pricing so much more affordable that other POS systems? Because, we make our money selling wine, not selling POS software. Being a software engineer has its advantages :)


Tracks wine sales for the following sales channels:

WRS sales - including by-the-glass and tied-house(1+2+3)
Farmers' Market sales(1+2+3)
Licensee sales - VQA and non-VQA, BTG and tied-house(1+2+3)
LCBO sales(3)
Out-of-Province sales(3)
Export sales(3)

Tracks promotional wine:

Tasting bottles
Give-away bottles
Broken bottles

Generates ALL reports that a winery needs to file:

monthly LCBO Winery report (J10, Licensee VQA, Licensee non-VQA, VQAO, SOP)
monthly Excise Tax report
monthly Ontario Wine Tax report (wine and cider)
yearly/semi-annual LCBO Audit reports
weekly LCBO Direct Delivery consolidated invoices(3)

Handles the following wine categories:

Bulk Cider
Fruit Wine

The iPad app can run in a temporary sales mode - which is handy for Farmers' markets. You will be prompted to import all temporary sales when the iPad reconnects to the base system.

Gift cards can be tracked/enabled through your merchant terminal or the POS.

Create custom Sale Categories to track other non-wine sale items for your retail store.

Track and generate commissions based on sales for Sales Reps and Sale Categories (e.g., Art)

Automatically backs up the database to a secondary location.

Generates sales statistics for:

Monthly Comparisons
Monthly Sales Totals
Monthly Growth(2+3)
Top Sales Days
Wine Sales History by contact(2+3)

And more...

This page was last updated: Wednesday June 13th, 2018